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One Year To Change My Life- Failed-ish

On June 27th 2011... I embarked on a mission to change my life... I FAILED-ish!

my goals were...
1. Learn how to drive and get a Learner's Permit...
seems small but I'm 25 and have yet to do any of these things... (Um... I kinda learned how to drive some... but I don't have a learners...)
2. Read the Bible in full...
how can I possibly be able to succeed in life if I don't know the word, and have it in my heart? (I started on this endeavor and didn't really get that far... I honestly just stopped making the time for it... and that's where I went wrong)
3. Start reading books again, for entertainment and to learn...
after college I got so tired of reading, but I NEED to read!!! (I read a couple of books... I wanted to do this because I just felt like I was missing out on something I used to love... I still don't read as much as I should or want to...)
4. Lose Weight..
This is a big one...
I weigh about 260 lbs give or take...probably give a lot...
So I HAVE to m…

Sunday's Best

Acouple of old Sunday posts from about 2-3 weeks ago.
So seeing as I don't wear much eye makeup anymore it's almost always about the lip now. I do still love eyemakeup...  It's just that I'm so lazy.

Also these pictures debut my U-part bob wig...

(lip) WNW Don't Blink Pink, Beautique Lipliner in BlackBerry, NYS Round Lipgloss in Pink  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(lip) Jordana Lipliner in Currant, Jordana Matte Lipstick in Berry, Sally Girl Lipgloss


Hair Update

my most recent relax on 5.26.12