Fall Look and Hair Hype-ness

Yeah, So here is a Fall look I did ....

and I finally finally straightened my hair....

so I'm hype...and thusly there are like mad pictures of my hair....


and a darker lip....for kicks!


Maybelline CoverStick in Deeper Beige-concealer
L'Oreal H.i.P. Foundation in Sable
Milani Bronzer in Medium #2
Hardy Candy Bronzer (Take Out Kit)
Sinful Colors Blush in Doux Sable


Styli-Style L3 Shadow Base
Ben Nye Aztec Gold-Inner 1/3
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Rust-Outer 2/3 of Lid
Black Radiance Quad in Desert Clay-Crease
Hard Candy Disco 2000-Crease
Hard Candy Butterscotch-Highlight
CoverGirl Great Lash
Ulta Ultimate Shade and shaper Kit-Brows


NYX Round LipStick in Chaos (Darker Lip)
Clear Gloss
NYX Girls Gloss in Golden Red (Lighter Lip)

And Tuesday is the last day of classes!



yummy411 said…
now i see why they say a darker lip for going from day to night! it ups the amp! nice! great hair!
**Star said…
@ Christopher: Thanks Hun!

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