Spring Face...

Well, I did a tutorial on a spring face, and I did multiple lippies with it, just for fun...
So yeah.

Red- NYX Choas

Nude- No name Gloss

Deep Pink- Maybelline Cherry

Hot Pink- Maybelline Wine and Roses


And you know I always have to edit a photo...

'til next time


Mz. More said…
I love this look with all of the lippies...especially the Deep Pink! :)
Sarai said…
I love the wine and roses-so pretty! I'll have to pick that up next time I'm out, thanks for sharing =]
Dvoradivine said…
You are stunning! That smile! those lipsticks! Rocking them like no other!!!! loving your stuff!!!
All of the l/s look great on you, especially the red & the nude. Love the e/s too.

New follower by the way.


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