Online Window Shopping...

Since I'm broke...
I'm forced to window shop...

But yeah here are a few things I would be purchasing if the funds were available....

via b&lu

Raquel Dress Lipstick Red & Black: $59

Elanor Dress: $19

Ella Dress: $16

Leeza Dress: $39

Joelle Dress: $34

via b&lu

Audrey Tunic: $19

Ingrid Top Black & Nude: $19

Jae Top: $31

Bateau Neck Sweater:$22.49
via OnestopPlus

Avenue® Keyhole Sweater: $22.99
via OnestopPlus

Yeah...I guess that enough for now...


GirlAboutTown said…
i love the red party dress...looks really nice

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